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To the Presidents of the Federations and Associations

     of Molisans in the World 


Object: Project "Vado e Torno” - WInternships for the internationalization" approved with DGR n. 354 of 28.07.2014 - Communication..


We are  pleased to inform you that the Department of "Cultural Policies and Relations with Molisans in the World" in partnership with the Department of  "Competitiveness of Production Systems, Development of Industrial Activities & Mining and Competition Policies", are implementing the project “Vado e Torno” - Internships for Internationalization Process".

The project through the diffusion of the Public Call aims to select n. 40 Molisan young people who will be trained for the role of  "Operator of internationalization services and Support to Molisan businesses", the selected 40 people will take part in an internship abroad for a period of 6 months, with the expenses covered by Molise Region.

The purpose of the internship is to promote entrepreneurship from Molise and create strong partnerships between entrepreneurs from Molise and abroad, with the aim to contribute to the internationalization of innovative companies from Molise and  to create new export-oriented business in Molise.

The 40 trainers will work on the following tasks:

Ø      collection of information and opportunities for collaboration and trade with the Molisan Companies with foreign countries;

Ø      support Molisan Companies in the implementation of partnerships and business collaborations oriented to the domestic and international markets;

Ø      Constantly update the portal with the information found, for evaluating opportunities of partnerships between foreign companies and enterprises of Molise Region.

 The internships will take place in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and several countries in Europe, in locations that will be identified with the help of the Molisan Associations, consulates, chambers of commerce, economic institutions and enterprises.

 We are asking you, consequently, the cooperation for the realization of the project and the willingness to carry out the activities of mentoring and support to the trainees, consisting of the following tasks:

Ø      Coordinate logistical – organizational aspects:

·            availability of a person willing to assist the trainers during their stay;

·         provide guidance on accommodation facilities and any further service;

·         provide a suitable location for the internship with a computer and an internet connection;

Ø      Propose a training plan which will define:

·           Activities to be performed in the host country;

·         Indicate the availability of companies and operators, previously contacted by the tutors, where the trainers can perform their internship;

·         Objectives and expected results;

·         Assist and support the trainee in the performance of the activities;

·         Monitor the progress of the internship regard to the objectives set out in the training plan;

·         Check and sign the monthly time sheet of  the trainee;

·         Transmit to the Region, at the end of the internship, a brief report on the activities carried out and the objectives achieved.

We are asking you also to express as soon as possible your availability to implement the project by completing the attached information form on how to implement the training to be carried out in your country.

The information form  must be signed by the President / Legal Representative and sent to the following address


The Office Responsible

Dr.ssa Maria Tirabasso


                     The Department Director

     Dr.ssa Luciana Smargiassi